Savage Brothers FM-14 Table Top Cooker (used)


I currently have a deposit on this machine.  Check back after 4/15/23 to see if the sale was consummated.

Rarely available -  used table top fire mixer from Savage Brothers.  Detailed specs. can be found on the Savage Brother website.  The cooker comes with the rolling stand for easy use on regular height countertops.  It also comes with the splash guard lid, nut plow for carmelizing small (2 lbs.) of nuts, and an extra length of extension cord.  This cooker uses 220v.  

I used this cooker for 3 1/2 years - making all of my toffee, caramel and carmelized almonds and cashews.  It is in perfect condition.  Super simple to use and keeps temperatures exact.  While expensive, it was much, much cheaper than hiring another employee.  

I know I could sell this machine quickly through a national used confectionary equipment vendor (I was told in 48 hours).  But, I am hoping to sell this locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, as crating and shipping are very expensive - costs that would be passed on to the buyer.  So, this is your chance to get a great piece of equipment at a fair price. 

Please call me if you have interest.  Linda 510-447-0401