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Indulgence Holiday Gift Box


Almond Toffee
Chocolate Dipped Caramels
  • Two pounds of pleasure! This box contains Hofssi Chocolates six most popular items - 16 piece chocolate dipped sea salt caramels, 8 oz. bag of almond toffee, 12 piece box of mint meltaways, 9 piece box of peanut butter cups, 5 oz. bag of chocolate covered almonds, and a 12 piece bag of twist wrapped sea salt caramels. Your choice of dark or milk chocolate on the chocolate dipped sea salt caramels and almond toffee.

    All tied up in a pretty red bow, in a sturdy holiday box that ships beautifully.  Boxes limited.  For larger orders, give two weeks notice, more boxes can be ordered.   Call 510-447-0401 (Linda)